Insulated universal connectors - OLE-series

Ouneva OLE-connectors are universal connectors with insulation. OLE-connectors are same as OL-connectors but supplied with insulated mountings and covers. Several connectors can be mounted alongside by fastening mountings with screws to each other. Connectors are mounted by using screws.

OLE-connectors 1xAl/Cu 25-300mm²


Product codeProduct nameConductor (mm²)More information
VC03-0001 OLE 25-95 1xAl/Cu 25-95 Product card (PDF)
Installation guide (PDF)
VC03-0002 OLE 95-185 1xAl/Cu 95-185 Product card (PDF)
Installation guide (PDF)
VC03-0003 OLE 185-300 1xAl/Cu 185-300 Product card (PDF)
Installation guide (PDF)