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With 50 years of experience, Ouneva Oy is a Finnish leading manufacturer for the electrical industry. We deliver our products to international customers all over the world. In the Nordic countries and Europe, you can find our products from most of the major electrical supply wholesalers’ selection. In addition to connector products, you will find grounding equipment, cable terminals and accessories, enclosure accessories and overhead line accessories from our product selection. The basis for all of our products is high quality, continuous product development and user safety.

In addition to our own products, we are a significant contract manufacturer for the electrical equipment and electronics industry. We provide customer-specific components and systems of superior quality to our customers around the world.


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Our company values describe our committed approach to quality. Thorough processing of systems, rigorous testing and continual development depicts our attitude and methods of working.

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OTL-yleisliittimet uudistuvat

OTL-yleisliittimet uudistuvat

OTL-yleisliittimet ovat uudistuneet! Korkeamman 1500 V DC-käyttöjännitteen lisäksi tuotteeseen on tullut pieniä parannuksia asennuksen helpottamiseksi, sekä johdinaukon tiiveyden parantamiseksi. OTL-yleisliittimet sopivat alumiini- ja kuparijohtimien liittämiseen ja...

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Ouneva-tuotteen matka

Journey of a product

  Tuotteemme valmistetaan Tuupovaarassa, Pohjois-Karjalassa. Vahvalla asenteella varustetut osaajamme vastaavat tuotteidemme valmistusprosessista aina suunnittelusta tuotteen pakkaukseen ja lähetykseen. Videolla pääset kurkistamaan tuotantomme kulissien taakse...

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System deliveries

How does our system delivery work for Normet Group? We deliver complex assemblies prepared for the most extreme conditions. The metal parts for the assembly come from our sheet metal factory of Ouneva, from where they move to Jotwire...

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