Frequently asked questions:
Are the OTL -terminals short-circuit tested?
Yes, they are. Testing has been made according to EN 60947-7-1:2009 / EN 60947-7-2:2009 / EN 61238-1:2003.
Are the OTL -terminals UL -certified?
Yes, they are. Standards for safety: UL 1059, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 158-10 Terminal Blocks.

Certificate number: E324730, issued 29.01.2020.

Are the OTL -terminals halogen free?
Yes, they are.
Is it allowed to install several conductors in one contact space?
For copper, it is allowed to install max three ( 3 ) conductors in one contact space when total cross section of conductors don’t exceed the max specified cross section of the terminal. kytkentätilaan saa asentaa maksimissaan kolme (3) kuparijohdinta kun niiden yhteenlaskettu poikkipinta-ala ei ylitä liittimelle määritettyä johtimen maksimi poikkipinta-alaa. For aluminium, only one is allowed to be installed. It is NOT allowed to install copper and aluminium conductors into the same contact space. 
Is it allowed to install several aluminium conductors in the same contact space?
It is allowed to install only ONE aluminium conductor in one installation space.
Is ferrule needed for fine stranded conductors?
Ouneva’s recommendation is to use ferrule for class 5 & 6 fine-stranded conductors.
How can I get 3-D files of the different terminals?
Send a support request together with contact information to [email protected], well take care of you inquiry as soon as possible!
What is the minimum installation temperature for terminals?
Minimum installation temperature is +5 C°
What is the maximum operation temperature for terminals?
Maximum operating temperature is +80 C°
Is it allowed to install several small conductors in one installation space, so that together they are not exceeding the max conductor cross section specified by connector?
Maximum number of conductors in one contact space is three (3) and together they are less than specified cross section specified by connector.   
What is the main difference between A / B -class terminals?
A -class terminals are short-circuit tested and can be used feed-in connections. B -class terminals are not short-circuit tested and they can’t be used for feed-in connections without fast-acting fuses.
Where can I find more detailed product and installation information?
How long are the product certificates valid?
FI -certificate is valid for two five (5) year-periods. The first period begins when the product is certified, the second after new samples have been inspected and approved by the SGS laboratory. After 5+5 years period, the certificate must be renewed by doing the certification test according to the testing standard. The UL -certification is valid as long as the certified product complies with the issued certificate.


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