The Importance of Certification in the Selection of Connector Products

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The significance of certification for electrical connector and power transmission solutions during the product selection phase is substantial. Tested and certified products ensure operational and product safety, reliability, and compatibility.

The Importance of Certification in Brief

Ouneva's connector products and power transmission solutions are tested and certified. The certification process brings important advantages, of which we have selected three for closer examination.

Safety: Certified products have undergone tests defined by standards, exceeding the mechanical and electrical requirements encountered in normal product use. This ensures product safety even in exceptional cases, such as when the product is subjected to significant mechanical stress or short-term electrical shorts. Testing minimizes the risk of electrical fires, shocks, or other hazards.

Reliability: Products must operate reliably for decades in the environments for which they are designed. During testing, products' mechanical and electrical characteristics are tested by aging the product on an accelerated schedule to identify potential risk factors. Certification ensures that connectors are tested to withstand various environmental variables, such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, or vibration of the mounting base.

Compatibility: Certified products are designed to meet industry-wide requirements. This ensures that different products are compatible in terms of characteristics with various systems and devices. Compatible products minimize the risk of various fault conditions and damage to the entire system or device.

Examples of Different Certifications

Various certifications can be done either at the national or international level. Certification of Ouneva products can be ensured by the FI or UL marking on the product. Well-known certification organizations include UL (Underwriters Laboratories), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). Products sold in different markets may require different certifications according to the standards of each country, so when choosing products, remember to pay attention to the requirements of the target market.

UL and IEC certifications are global certifications. CSA certification is required for products intended for use in Canada. Different electrical networks, powers, and systems also require different certifications. UL and IEC marks ensure that the product has been tested according to strict international standards.

Safe products should also have the RoHS mark. This ensures that the product does not contain harmful chemicals or metals harmful to human health or nature.

Benefits of Using Certified Connectors 

Peace of mind: Buyers and users of connectors can be sure that the products have been tested according to industry requirements and are of high quality and safe to use.

Reduced risks: The risk of fault conditions and damage to systems is minimized by testing products in extreme conditions. Installations are reliable and safe.

Long-term cost savings: The purchase price of certified connectors may be slightly higher, but the product's service life and the reliability of the connections bring cost savings over the life cycle of the products.

Ouneva Connector Products and Certification

Ouneva products are always tested and certified through a reliable and well-known partner. Product safety is the most important feature of our products, in addition to easy installation and use. Easy installation also means safe installation. You can always find information on which standards the product is certified to in our product information. For more information on individual products, please contact our product support if needed.

In Conclusion

Certified connector products ensure operational safety, reliability, and compatibility with various systems and devices. At Ouneva, we recommend reviewing product certificates before making a purchase decision to avoid potentially expensive or even dangerous situations.

Contact us if you have any questions after reading the article. You can get acquainted with our product range in our latest catalogue.