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Aluminium parallel groove clamps

Clamps are used for the connecting and branching of aerial and other aluminium conductors in applications where no mechanical load is existent. Clamps are made of aluminium and the steel bolts are hot-dip galvanized. All contact surfaces of the clamps are pretreated with contact grease, which makes installation easier. Clamp VF01-0003 is supplied with springs those make installation easier (clamp stays open if not tightened). Clamps can be supplied with insulating covers.



STK code Product code Type Conductor (mm²)  Cover Product data
5040325 VF01-0001 Al/Al 16-50 mm² 16 – 50 VF03-0001 Product card
5040327 VF01-0002 Al/Al 16-120 mm² 16 – 120 VF03-0002 Product card
5040366 VF01-0003 Al/Al 16-120 mm² Jousilla 16 – 120 VF03-0002 Product card

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