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OT-PEN connectors

TN-C (PEN) system can be transfered into TN-S (PE+N) system by removing connector block. Busbar components are made of aluminium and plated with tin. Terminal is designed to be used with both copper and aluminium cables. All connectors are equipped with two terminals for test leads. Connectors are screw mounted.

OT-PEN connectors 1xAl/Cu 1,5-240mm²

STK code Product code Product name Conductor (mm²) Product data Installation
1912040 VI02-0001 OT-PEN 50 6xAl/Cu 1,5-50 Product card Installation
1912034 VI02-0002 OT-PEN 95 6xAl/Cu 6-95 Product card Installation
1912035 VI02-0003 OT-PEN 120 6xAl/Cu 16-120 Product card Installation
1912036 VI02-0004 OT-PEN 150 6xAl/Cu 25-150 Product card Installation
1912037 VI02-0005 OT-PEN 240 6xAl/Cu 35-240 Product card Installation

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