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OTL Lite

General information

OTL Lite is compact, versatile and convenient universal connector.

OTL Lite offer the best quality on the market in addition to features, that increase the safety and ease of installation of the connectors and enable versatile end usage applications. Pre-greased contact spaces and the connection done with hex screws guarantee easy and quick installation. Tightening torque labels and places component markers on the connector cover.

OTL Lite is leaving our selection during 2024. Ask more from Ouneva Sales!

Materials used

Bodies of the connectors are made of aluminium and plated with tin. Insulating covers are made of UL 94 V-0 polyamide.


EN 60947-7-1:2009, EN 61238-1:2003

Ask for OTL-connector 3D-models made for electrical designing from our support!

OTL Lite universal connectors 1xAl/Cu 1,5-50mm²

Installation on DIN rail

STK code Product code Colour Conductor (mm²)  Un (V)  In (A) Tightening torque Weight (g) Package size (pcs) Product data Installation
1914264 VC05-0380 Grey 1xAl/Cu 1,5-50 1000 160 (Cu) / 145 (Al) 1,5 Nm (1,5–2,5 mm²), 5 Nm (4-10 mm²), 10 Nm (16–50 mm²) 31 50 Product card Installation
1914212 VC05-0317 Blue 30 Product card Installation
1914213 VC05-0319 Yellow/Green 30 Product card Installation
1914214 VC05-0320 Red 30 Product card Installation
1914211 VC05-0316 Black 30 Product card Installation

OTL Lite terminal shrouds

Terminal shrouds for extra user safety, made from UL 94-V0 grade polyamide.


STK code Product code Product name Weight (g) Package size (pcs) Product data Installation
1914217 OD02-0705 OTL Lite 50 terminal shroud 0,3 25 Product card Installation

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