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Flanges for switchgears

All aluminium flanges have class IP67 protection. Flanges fit into SFS 2528 -sized openings. Flanges are made of aluminium and supplied with ATEX approved neoprene gasket.

Blind aluminium flanges

Blind aluminium flange, no threaded holes or openings.

STK code Product code Type/Size Package size (pcs) Product data
3401081 VD05-0060 Flange B 10 Product card
3401082 VD05-0061 Flange C 10 Product card
3401083 VD05-0062 Flange D 5 Product card


Aluminium flanges with threaded holes

Delivered with the specified threaded hole. Flanges are compatible with Ouneva sealing plugs. Counter nuts are not necessary during the installation of sealing plugs or cable glands.

STK code Product code Type/Size Package size (pcs)
3454068 VD05-0075 Flange B 1xM40 10
3401086 VD05-0067 Flange B 2xM40 10
3401052 VD05-0043 Flange B 3xM20 10
3401085 VD05-0066 Flange B 3xM32 10
3401053 VD05-0044 Flange B 4xM25 10
3454076 VD05-0045 Flange C 2xM40 10
3454077 VD05-0069 Flange C 2xM50 10
3401066 VD05-0070 Flange C 2xM63 10
3454079 VD05-0046 Flange C 2xM63+2xM20 10
3401063 VD05-0068 Flange C 3xM32 10
3401064 VD05-0028 Flange C 3xM40 10
3454081 VD05-0047 Flange C 3xM50+2xM20 10
3401062 VD05-0048 Flange C 4xM20 10
3401006 VD05-0077 Flange C 4xM32+3xM25 10
3401004 VD05-0029 Flange C 7xM25+2xM20 10
3454082 VD05-0078 Flange D 1xM75 5
3401075 VD05-0051 Flange D 2xM50 5
3401076 VD05-0071 Flange D 2xM63 5
3454086 VD05-0053 Flange D 2xM75 5
3454087 VD05-0054 Flange D 3xM63+2xM25 5
3454089 VD05-0055 Flange D 4xM63+2xM20 5

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