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Busbar system connectors

Connectors are designed for busbar systems to be installed on their side. Material of the busbars can be copper, aluminium or copper coated aluminium. With these connectors it is possible to connect copper cables, flexible busbars and other conductors to busbar systems. If neutral (N) and protective earth busbar (PE) are combined, support piece similar to the busbar is needed.

STK code Product code Product name Conductors max (mm²) Weight (g) Package size (pcs) Product data Installation
1914149 VE02-0009 KL2M10 150 143 100 Product card Installation
1914189 VE02-0003 KL400 70 86 100 Product card Installation
1914190 VE02-0004 KL800 185 222 50 Product card Installation



Corresponding components as in system connector KL2M10 that give the customer the opportunity to custom-build a desired busbar system connector package!

STK code Product code Product name Type Material Weight (g) Package size (pcs) Product data Installation
1914186 VE02-0010 KL2M10 PP Press plate Zinc-plated steel 33 100 Product card Installation
1914185 VE02-0011 KL2M10 LL Connector plate Tin-plated copper 42 100 Product card Installation
1914184 VE02-0012 KL2M10 HP Hinge plate Zinc-plated steel 15 100 Product card Installation

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