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Al/Cu Shear bolt cable lug ROLA

ROLA shear bolt cable lugs are designed to be used with aluminium and copper cables. Joint is made with shear bolts, which makes installations permanent. Connectors are made of aluminium and plated with tin. Shear bolts are made of tin plated brass.


STK code Product code Product name Conductor (mm²) Product data Installation
5201174 VB05-0001 ROLA 10-50 M12 Al-Cu 10-50 Product card Installation
5201182 VB05-0002 ROLA 25-95 M12 Al-Cu 25-95 Product card Installation
5201183 VB05-0003 ROLA 95-185 M12 Al-Cu 95-185 Product card Installation
5201187 VB05-0004 ROLA 185-300 M12 Al-Cu 185-300 Product card Installation

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